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Identify Bird Species

Identifying the proper species of birds is critical in determining the proper product needed to deter birds from your property. You will find the most common pest birds described below.


The feral pigeon is blue-gray with a white rump; has iridescent feathers on its head and neck; two broad black bars across each wing and a broad dark band across the end of the tail. They also can display white, brown or gray plumage.


The common grackle has a green/blue or purple iridescent tinted black plumage with a glossy purplish head, neck and breast. Females are slightly smaller and duller colored. Boat-tailed and great-tailed grackles have very long “v” shaped tails. They are similar in color to the common grackle but are larger birds. Female boat tails are dark brown in color. Greattails have bright yellow eyes.


The Crow is black from bill to tip of wing and claws with a metallic violet gloss on body and a blue-violet/green-blue gloss on wings. Adults have black eyes while juveniles have blue eyes.


The typical gull has a light colored body with black wing tips and a dark mantle that can range from deep black to light gray. Their coloring can change between seasons. Juveniles are usually brown with a dark band on the tail.


Male House Sparrows have black throats and chest patches, light cheeks and brown nape.The female has a plain brownish chest and dull eye-stripe.


The starling is a dark chunky, muscular bird. It is distinguished from other blackbirds by its short tail and its longer, slender bill. Starling's plumage varies depending on the season. In winter, the bird displays a highly speckled iridescent coat and a dark bill. In summer, the bird's coat dulls and has far fewer speckles.


Cliff swallows and barn swallows both have brownish red faces and throats plus a steel blue coat and a light colored belly


The turkey vulture features a bald head with reddish skin similar to that of a turkey. They are large birds with a wingspan of up to 32 inches.


There are at least 10 or 11 subspecies of Canada geese. The birds’ brown-gray body has a pale to dark breast and underparts. The bill and feet are also black.


Woodpeckers are 7 to 15inches in length, and usually have brightly contrasting coloration. Most males have some red on the head, and many species have some black and white marks.

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